"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” - Henry Ford

Collaborative Achievement Relationships (CARs) are meaningful connections that serve as a source of encouragement, opportunities, information, knowledge, and wisdom. CARs are built on collaborative cooperation and are comprised of action-oriented people who are consistently in-motion, doing positive progressive things and are willing to share and assist one another. CARs are meaningful, transformative relationships where all parties grow stronger. CARs are strategic partnerships built on trust and value.

There is ample research to prove that social networks and human interaction are key components to our health and wellness. We are also wired for growth and progress. Having both types of relationships are important to our over well-being.

To fulfill these innate aspects of being requires different types of relationships. We need social relationships and we need relationships to help us grow personally and professionally; and to encourage us to move in the direction of our aspirations and to achieve our goals. CARs are more than social relationships in that their purpose is “progress” and their progress is about "purpose". CARs are sources of encouragement, support, and nurturing. CARs are fundamentally teams, formal or informal who collaborate and exchange resources for the betterment of the participants. CARs are based on sharing a consciousness or mindset for collaborative growth; and to experience more . . . not materialistically, but more of helping one another realize their purpose or their “best Self”.

A tremendous benefit of CARs is the collective intelligence that increases exponentially when participants continuously grow and share. This achieved from collaboration, collective efforts, co-optition, continuous learning, and knowledge sharing. CARs lead individuals to pursue their passion and fulfill their purpose despite their fears or circumstances.

This is why it is important to surround yourself with like-minded people if you are on a mission. CARs are vital to us. Through continuous exchange of knowledge, ideas, opportunities; collaboration, and concern we can shape each other’s destiny.

I M events are designed to cultivate CARs and are collectively branded as Collaborative Achievement Relationship Development (CARD) events. Our CARD events provide a forum to connect with like-minded individuals who are willing to help you grow. These connections can lead to transformative relationships where all parties grow stronger. CARD events are great for entrepreneurs, business professionals, and those seeking to improve as these events are perfect for business development and building a strong network.

CARD Events

Event I M Company
Entrepreneur Ship Brunch Cruise Relation Ships Yacht Charters
Power Brunch Taste Me Please
All About the Notes Sketched on Napkin
Opportunity Networking Event (ONE) The Opportunity Brokers
I M WELL H&W Challenges I M WELL Holistic Health & Wellness
Walk the Talk Too Fit to Quit
Book Clubs Multiple

CARD events adhere to our Pursuit of Greatness (POG) best practices for knowledge sharing. We ask attendees at our CARD events to read and abide by POG governance practices. Read here

StrategicIsite, an I M entity provides classes on developing high-performing teams and relationships based on CARD principles. To inquire about classes email: WIN@strategicisite.com